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all I want to do in life is travel all around the world but these fucking planes are making me question how much I really wanna travel 

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last dinosaurs // zoom (2011)

i don’t want to be just another,
fighter without fire, nothing to inspire,
in a million years when we’re older
finally we can be part of history

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quizilla circa 2006


quizilla circa 2006

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last dinosaurs - weekend (2011)

in the day time
we’ll think about the sun until it sets
you notice a difference,
in the way we comprehend

with her voice she said,

"i’d die for you any day
my life’s over anyway
lets go to the empty park
and talk till it’s really dark”

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i wanna be yours, i wanna be ours
i wanna do stuff in the back of your car
i wanna be good, i wanna be cruel
i wanna be the girl that you wanted in high school

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Chvrches by OpenAir St.Gallen on Flickr.


Chvrches by OpenAir St.Gallen on Flickr.

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